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I.T. Work History at a Glance:

  • IBM (Project Leader)
  • Nissan Motor Manufacturing Corp.
    • Programmer/Analyst
    • Systems Analyst
    • Project Leader over Manufacturing and Financial Systems
  • Bridgestone Tire, Inc.
    • Programmer/Analyst
  • Dell
    • Gold Tech Support Analyst - Business Customers - Server Support

Education at a Glance:

  • Trevecca College
    • Management and Human Relations
    • Summa Cum Laude
  • Nashville State Technical Institute
    • Business Data Processing
    • Summa Cum Laude

For more information on my work history, education, or other information please visit my About page.


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Why Me?

What Makes Me Different

Do you sometimes find yourself getting frustrated having to explain your technology (…in detail…) to your copywriter?

Do you wish sometimes that copywriters could just come to you already ‘Getting it?

My name is David Guthrie. I’m a freelance copywriter that specializes in the IT, Software and Technology Industries.

Straight from the I.T. Trenches

What makes me different from other copywriters is that I have been working in the IT, Software and Technology fields for over 30 years for some of the finest companies in the world, in a multitude of different positions.

This variety has given me a varied industry perspective as well as a unique internal technical perspective.

Company Industry Duties
Nissan Auto Manufacturing Financial and Manufacturing Software Development , Support & Project Management
Dell Computers Business Server Gold Tech Support
IBM Software Consulting Services Software Development
Bridgestone Tire Manufacturing Manufacturing software development
Genesco Specialty Retailer Order Management System Software Development and  Support
Lifeway Christian Resources Christian  Products and Services, Publishing and  Retail Stores System Network infrastructure design, configuration and setup. Server/PC design,  configuration, setup and rollout  for  new  Retail POS System. WMS programming and support.


These combined experiences give me firsthand insight into the mindset, needs and desires of the decision makers and key players in these companies because I have probably been in the same situation as they are currently in at some point in my career also.

A B2B Consumer and Provider

In many cases, I have been on both sides of the B2B fence. Sometimes as a B2B consumer, ie., as a project leader leading the search for new hardware or software to purchase or as a B2B provider, actually developing the software that is being marketed.

Having a copywriter on your team that has been on both sides of the B2B equation should prove to be tremendously invaluable.

Wide and Varied Hands-on Technical experience and understanding

Even in my field, I am somewhat of a technical odd duck. Many people enter the IT field and remain in their ‘sliver’ of expertise their entire careers. Software developers only develop software. Network guys stay in networking. DBA’s (Database Analysts) design and maintain databases. PC support guys work help desk and get into the pc hardware nuts and bolts. And many remain in their initially chosen specialty within IT their entire career. Very few cross over, much less into multiple areas, multiple times.

As for me, I have actually worked in all of the previously mentioned positions and several more. Which is not typical.

Fortunately, this wide and varied experience will give me the ability to pick up and understand your technology more quickly and easily than most other copywriters, even those who specialize in technology. Even more so for those copywriters who have little or no technology experience or those who have only written about it.

This will translate for you into a quicker start and the ability to spend more time on other aspects of the project.

End Result? Getting it done better, cleaner and faster with less frustration.

How I Can Help You

If you need a copywriter to write a white paper, case study, email series, landing page, seo optimized content, or any of the other projects listed on my services page, give me a call at 615-300-6638, send me an email at or visit my Contact page for other methods of initiating contact.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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